April 2020

Soon after launching in late 2019, a possible work opportunity arose for our principal, David Mordecai and he put the development of this project on hold. Now we are in the midst of a world pandemic and the activities we anticipated pursuing are much more challenging. 

The name ‘Hope is Health’ emphasizes that for individuals struggling with mental health challenges, hope is a foundation for recovery. It also reclaims the idea of health for individuals who have been diagnosed with mental illness.

This site was launched in order to expand the practice of service user education in Canada. David, our principal, has lived with a serious psychiatric diagnosis since 1986. He has a combination of training, facilitation, consulting, leadership and small business management experience. David is a founding member of a community of practice of service user educators which evolved out of a multi-year grant project housed at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. That grant has now ended and for a variety of reasons, opportunities for service user involvement in mental health provider education have not increased as some members of that community of practice had hoped they would. Hope is Health is an effort to create those opportunities through marketing, expertise development, and leadership.

Please check back. Despite the pandemic, we will be adding information on principles guiding service provider education by service users, key learnings that can emerge out of these efforts, and information on workshops and services. Meanwhile please stay home as much as possible, and stay well!