Our goal is to improve mental health care through knowledge and learning based on experiences of treatment and recovery

We are people with extensive lived experience of mental health services (patients, clients, consumers/survivors) in Toronto, Canada. We offer workshops and other services related to transforming mental health care based on the perspectives of people with lived experience of that care.


Hand reaching hopefully for a beautiful cloud-filled sky


Hope is fundamental to mental health and living a meaningful life after receiving a psychiatric diagnosis. Holding hope is a critical task that can be attended to at all points of access to mental health services. Exploring how providers can hold hope for people in their care is a learning activity that can be uniquely facilitated by service user educators.



hands of three different people from different backgrounds interlocked


Psychiatrists are often taught that the best teachers are their patients. We offer opportunities for learning that give form and substance to this truth outside the frame of the patient relationship. Mental health provider education by service users is most fruitful in a dynamic, collaborative context of iterative sharing and reflection.



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We create resources and learning opportunities that offer insight and practical guidance for medical professionals, mental health practitioners, and service organizations based on decades of considered experience of mental health treatment, and living successfully with diagnoses of serious mental illness.